Friday, 22 May 2009

Mysterious Radio...

One night....
My mother, my sister and I were talking in the living room.
My father didn't join us because he was sleeping inside his room. Suddenly all of us heard a noise that came from the radio.Changing from one channel to another.From the lowest to the hidhest volume.We didn't care about it and continue talking.I thought my father switch on the radio. S o we didn't care so much about it.
Then suddenly my father come out from his room with a shocking face.He asked "Who switch on the radio??" we look at each other and wondering who switched the radio on.
Who switched on the radio?
All of us replied back "Didn't you the one who switch the radio?". Neither of us switch on the radio because we thought it would awake our father. My father said he didn't know how to use the radio. That's why he seldom use the radio.
My sister said maybe my 'FRIEND' switch on the radio. Maybe she was bored listening to us and wanted to hear the radio.
I didn't care about the radio that much,so we continued our chatting.
Do you think I should throw away my radio????