Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Winchester mystery house. Hmm...

Well,Hello. I see that you want a tour of this house? Let me give a tour. The name is Nur'Aqilah and I will give all of you a tour of..

 Winchester Mystery House. Muahahahaha.
So, this house was built on the 1883 by  Sarah Winchester was a heiress to the Winchester Riffles fortune. She had a husband and one infant but they were both killed, leaving Sarah a widow and a loooonely woman.

After their death, Sarah's New Haven house was apparently haunted. She was alone, of course. There were no maids because she was still depressed. Every night, she heard her nickname that her husband gave her and she also heard a crying voice every night, which came from the side of her bed.

She was wondering. Why did her healthy husband and her new and only child were dead. And were the ghosts calling her was her family? Sarah was never a believer until that happened and so she turned to a Medium for information. The medium told her that her husband and child was present, creeping around her home. They were there for a reason. Waiting for Sarah to die. She was scared, of course. Who wouldn't?

Sarah was told that a curse was on them because mostly, the spirits that wanted revenge was killed by the Winchester gun. They just wanted a home. That is all.

And so, the medium told her to build a house on the west and Sarah did exactly that. She moved from New haven and went to San Jose, California.

But of course, there was a catch. Sarah must continue to work on the house but if she stops... I know all of you readers can guess what the spirits will do. *Smiling Evilly*.

And she did what she was asked to do. She bought a large parcel of land worked on it for more than 38 years. But she must stay there, even though she was missing her hometown, New Haven. 

Some said that every night, she goes to the seance room above where she will call her family and other spirits, lurking around the house. She will ring a bell to call them and rang another bell to dismiss them.

During the old days.

Actually, the house was up to 7 stories high, but after the 1906 earthquake, the house or mansion or whatever is now 4 stories high.

But the most oddest thing is the design of the house. Just look at this.

OK, Sarah, Girl, I don't know what is up with you, but why do you need to put a door in the middle of the air? 

There was staircase going to the ceiling and when I say ceiling, I mean, CEILING. No floor no windows. Look.

And look at this.

Lets count the jewel thing together, now shall we? Starting from the top. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve and thirteen.... This is getting creepy...

This is for me, the oddest room. Whoa.

Her fascination of The Number 13 is unavoidable. People claimed that there are 13 toilets, the 13th toilet have 13 windows, 13 drain holes in the kitchen sink, the steps totaling to 13, the walls had 13 panes, the greenhouse have 13 cupolas and the the list goes on....

Sarah finally gave up on the house and moved back to New Haven. She was actually scared of the ghosts. And guess what? She died the next day.

Now, the Winchester Mystery House is a tourist attraction. Many of the visitors seen white orbs, fog like people and heard sounds.

Well, look at the time. Our tour is over, my friends. There are a lot of other rooms but you can check it here.

Hope you enjoyed this tour. Good day, and Goodbye.

*Walks away and vanishes into thin air.*

-Nur 'Aqilah.