Thursday, 28 May 2009

4 am owl

This is saphira( not the real name) story….

Her dad died several years ago, but before that she flew to maine ( the place where her father live) to take visit her father. She helped her father with his last book and clean the home. For your information, her father is a writer.
Before she left, her father asked her to bring along the bird clock with her.

When she arrived home, she put the bird clock in the dining room. The bird clock has a picture of different bird to represent the hours And the bird will played sound of owl every 6 and 12 am/ pm. Although the picture is turning into pale gray but still nice. Okay, emm…why am I telling you about the clock? what is my topic actually ?? Oh, saphira house is haunted! Yeah, she realized that since she…

A week ago, she was unable to sleep because she was awakened by a sound of an owl.she looked at her table watch and it was 4 am. The bird clock has a sensor of light and yet it never chimed at the time like this. So she went to the dining room where she put the bird clock, but before she could reach there the sound stop. So she turned back to the bedroom.

The next day, groggy for disturbing sleep, she take off one of the bird clock battery. That night she slept with joy and confident that nothing will disturb her anymore. Hahaha , I hope she was wrong. The sound of the owl came again that night again at the same time 4 am. she felt annoyed by that sound, so she take off the last battery and put it in a shelf in another room.

Again the next day, the same thing happened so she thinks of something to make that sound stop. Nothing!!
Hahaha, lastly she had no idea and simply just bring the bird clock to the garage.
If I were her I would do the same thing too!
All day she tried to figure out why the sound of the owl still have although she already took off the batteries. Do you thinking what i’m thinking..?? she live in a lovely forest surrounded by tall trees where owls and doves nest outside her bedroom window, then I think I should explain to you that she live less than two blocks from a major highway, and there are no tall trees near enough for her to hear an owl call from them.
Everything seems to be weird. everyday that sound come to her . Then she have to choose either:

1. Accept that her house is haunted and learn to sleep through it.
2. Start getting up at 4:00 a.m. every day and enjoy the quiet morning hours

Mystery never ends. She sleep every night and every 4 am she will wake up just to hear the bird singing….