Thursday, 28 May 2009

browky and the cat lady

Hey , my name is tan jin kai and iam 11 years old

I had sixteen- old dog (older than me haha) named browky that was very much a part of our family. He was white and very cute.
Browky had weird habit – he loved to eat cat biscuits!
Sadly on 3 april , 2006 , browky died of cancer. We had all expecting for his death but it was still a big blow for us. I miss him a lot.
But there was one person who was happy that browky had died, namely the auntie who feeds stray cats at our void deck.
“ that bloody dog is dead” said the cat lady. “ now I dont have to worry about that silly dog eating my cat biscuits anymore!”.
I was angry to heard her comment and like I want to throw the cat biscuits on her face.
One early morning I was awakened by loud banging on our front door.
I open it and saw the cat lady.
“I thought you said your dog was dead!” She shouted. “ it just snatched my cat biscuits again!”
That was impossible! I wen tout to the corridor and looked down. For your information I live on second floor. I saw browky running across the road with a bag of cat biscuits in his mouth!
I couldn’t believe my eyes, that was what browky used to do all the time he was alive.
I was so happy to see him again.
Browky! I miss you!! I yelled.
Browky turned and looked at me, then ran off. After that, I never saw him again.

The mystery is : I saw browky alive ..again.