Thursday, 28 May 2009

Smiley Barbie

Hey my name is Felicia Tay and iam 12 years old, student.

Do you know that you should take care of your toys even though you’re too old to play with them?? They have feelings too.
I didn’t know this until my friend jane told me her story. When she was young , she was pampered with a lots of toys.
However, she threw away those she didn’t like every time she receive new toys. On her 6th birthday, she fell in love with a Barbie doll that her uncle had given her. Unfortunately, her uncle died soon after a car accident.
That made jane cherish the doll every day until she was in primary five.
She even brought the doll to school. One day, she hung out with a group of friends that made fun of her. They said that dolls were for stupid girls. Jane wanted to fell accepted by her friends. So she kept the doll in her cupboard month. By and by, she forgot about it.
One day, she heard someone knocking from inside her cupboard. She timidly walked towards the door. When she was about one meter away, the door flung open. Jane screamed and fainted from the fright.
The gardener heard her screams and rushed into the room. He saw jane lying in the floor, next to the door. He knew the doll well as he had seen jane holding and playing with it for many years. His blood turned cold when he saw that instead of it’s usual cute smile , the doll had an extremely menacing smile on it’s face.
He rushed jane to the nearest clinic where the doctor managed to revive her .
The gardener told jane what he had seen. From then on, jane decided to ignore the taunts of her friends and gave her Barbie all her attention.

The mystery is ….is it true that the Barbie smile?? It just a doll…